How to Dry Baby Bottles using a Baby Bottle Drying Rack

It is not recommended to just leave feeding bottle with droplets of water leftover from cleaning and sterilizing. In some cases, parents' resort to using a clean towel to wipe the bottle dry. Experts strongly discourage this method as this can only increase the possibility of further contaminating the baby's feeding bottle.

A recommended method is through drip drying through the aid of a dish drying rack. However, the time needed for drip drying can also be a window of opportunity for bacteria to travel its way into the baby's feeding bottle. Besides, you'll also have to make sure that the rack itself is sanitized every now and then.

Baby Bottle Drying Rack -
The most recommended method is to utilize a baby bottle drying rack. This rack is specially designed to conveniently accommodate a lot of baby bottles, its parts, as well as baby feeding accessories while preventing water to stay in the bottle long enough to allow bacteria to penetrate and germinate.
Right after drying the bottles and its components (lid and rubber nipple), assemble the feeding equipment. Do this on a disinfected surface using sterile tongs. If tongs aren't around, you can simply assemble the feeding bottle with your bare hands. Just make sure that you wash your hands prior to the said task.
After the bottles have been successfully assembled, keep them inside a sterile container. If a bottle hasn't been used within the day (24hrs), it's best to re-sterilize prior to utilizing the said feeding equipment.
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