What to Pack in a Nappy Bag when Out with Baby

Not sure what to pack in your baby bag?


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No problem, we’ve got the scoop! From diapers and wipes to ointment, nipple cream, and lip balm, the items you stash in this must-have bag can make or break a day out with your little one. When it comes to packing, less is best. Some things you’ll be able to keep in the diaper bag at all times, like diapers and a change of clothes. But others — like breast milk and snacks — should only get tossed in before you head out the door. Not only does this keep your bag from overflowing, but it also prevents spilled food from marinating for days on end. While you can’t anticipate every need your baby may have, a well-stocked diaper bag gives you the freedom to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Here, we go over the items all parents must have in their diaper bag, plus a few unexpected items you might not have considered.

Essential items to pack in a nappy backpack

1. Diapers

Always pack up to five diapers or add two more for every hour you’re out. If you are using a reusable nappy, then you will need a large wet bag to put wet/soiled diapers in.

2. Disposable wipes

It is good to carry a regular-size pack of wipes. If space is a problem, then travel-size will work. Better to take some than none at all.

3. Diaper cream

Diaper rash can happen anytime so it might help to put one in your nappy bag just incase

4. Diaper disposal bags

You’ll want bags you can use for dirty diapers and wipes when a trash isn’t readily available.

5. Reusable wet bag

Use this for soiled clothes, so they don’t stink up the rest of your diaper bag.

6. Change of clothes

Two outfits should suffice, and don’t forget an extra onesie.

7. Burp cloth

Save your clothes: bring a burp cloth.

8. Hand sanitizer

Keep it in a plastic bag in case it leaks.

9. Light travel-size blanket

This can be used as a car seat cover when baby falls asleep on the go, a ground cover when playing at the park, or a breastfeeding cover if you want privacy when feeding in public.

10. Portable changing pad

Make sure it folds up and tucks easily in a pocket. You don't want it taking up too much space. There are many portable changing mats that will do the trick. 

11. Pacifiers

If you use pacifiers, pack at least two, and carry them in a sealable bag.

12. Travel-size first aid kit

First Aid Kit essentials include bandages, first aid cream, sanitizing wipes, liquid Tylenol, and a digital thermometer.

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